HoD's Message

Dr M V Sarvesha

Controller Of Examination

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to ‘Nagarjuna College Of Engineering and Technology’, Bangalore as you embark on the most crucial part of your education that will shape the rest of your life.  The college has been established to groom students to become self-reliant professionals who would become constructive citizens of the societies , they live in.

Examination is a fair way of accessing the knowledge which a student posses of a respective course. Studying for examination is like exercising. When one exercises , the muscles in use grow stronger. Likewise , the process of searching through ones memory and retrieving the relevant information strengthens that memory pathway for future uses. These examinations are your opportunity for growing in future and proving your worth to everyone around you.

The significant objective of the Controller of Examination is to execute high quality and legally secure system of evaluation in addition to offering services to students, instructors and administrators related to examination.

Examination department of the college is working to improve examination system. With the cooperation of worthy principal Dr.B.V.Ravishankar  and it deals with administering of CIE/SEE examinations, preparing examination schedules, deputing invigilators, getting evaluation material printed, ensuring secure storage and distribuation of examination materials, preparation of result sheets to be sent to the affiliating university, keeping record of students and teaching staff.  In final semester thesis/project preforms for evaluation are also distributed by the examination office to all the concerned departments for conduct of viva.  The examination rules and regulations are followed as prescribed by VTU.  Additionally the examination office arranges special measures on regular basis to deal with students academic status, their appeals if any regarding results, missed exams and special exams. All the requirements for the convocation are arranged by putting up times requests for the said purpose.

My best wishes for those who seek to be a part of this college which is on the mission to strive for holistic development so that vision statement of NCET i.e Excellence in Education comes true.

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