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About NCET

Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology, one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore, provides a cluster of opportunities to explore, learn and expand one’s horizons through quality education intertwined with professionalism.Established in 2001, this top engineering college runs under the aegis of the Nagarjuna Education Society, founded by leading industrialist and philanthropist Sri J. V. Ranga Raju.

At present, NCET is one of the Best Engineering College in Bengaluru providing world-class education and its accomplishments showcase its credibility in terms of nation building through education. 

NCET is affiliated to VTU, Belagavi, recognized by Government of Karnataka (GoK) and approved by AICTE.

The institution is re-accredited by NAAC with A+ grade with a CGPA of 3.38 during its second cycle.

Embracing the Power of Education

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Programmes Offered

NCET being among the best engineering colleges in Bangalore offers diverse programmes with industry-integrated curriculum.

UG Programmes

PG Programmes


Discover the Virtual reality Technology and its Usage in different fields of work such as Architecture, Healthcare, Education and Entertainment Industry.

Discover the types of technology in this new digital era as it brings new advances, discoveries and improvements in the existing forms of technology.

Exclusively for science students, here is an overview of the best courses after 12th science intertwined with the current industry requirements

Generative AI generates high-quality results within a shorter period, which adds to the time-saving initiative and efficiency at work. Do Explore More!!

What is Marketing? Marketing comprises all the activities from the start to the end of the company’s vision from product development to customer satisfaction.

Founder’s Day and Teachers’ Day Celebration with the Founder of NGI, Mrs. Sridevi Ranga Raju. This qualifies as one of the major events in the NGI Calendar.

The 77th Independence Day in India celebrated through the milestones and challenges that shaped India. With every milestone, the bar is raised higher.

Structural engineering is a known subset of civil engineering carried out with imminent knowledge in applied mechanics, mathematics, and material science.

Civil engineering is the core branch of engineering, which has been updated and transformed according to changing surroundings and generations

Computer Science and Engineering is one of the fields of engineers who combine their skills with the company vision to build a unique dimension of reality.

2nd sem B.E. Fee payment Circular for July-2024 SEE

8th sem B.E. SEE Time Table June-24

1st sem M.Tech Time Table

Final year UG & PG students Convocation Fee

3rd, 1st sem M.Tech. SEE Time Table

3rd and 5th sem B.E. Hall Tickets Circular

3rd sem MBA and M.Tech. March/April-2024 SEE Fee payment Circular

1st to 3rd sem M.Tech. (Civil) Summer Term SEE results Circular

20CSI72 SE Exam rescheduled Circular

1st to 6th sem B.E. Summer Term SEE Results-Sept-2024

College Bus departure Time during SEE

1st to 3rd sem MBA Summer Term Results

7th sem BE SEE Time Table

1st sem B.E. Admission Ticket-Feb/March-2024 SEE

7th sem B.E Tentative SEE Time Table

1st sem BE SEE Time Table Feb-2024

7th sem BE SEE exam fees circular

Postponement of 1st BE SE Examination

M.Tech Summer Term SEE Time Table-Jan-2024

1 sem B.E. SEE Exam Fees Payment circular

1 to 6 sem B.E. Summer Term (Rescheduled) Time Table

1 to 6 sem B.E. Summer Term Time Table

1st - 6th Sem Revaluation results


II Sem M.Tech Regular and 1st sem Arrears result

1 to 6 sem summer term registration

1 to 6 sem B.E. Makeup SEE TIME TABLE -DEC-2023


2-4-6 sem B.E. Makeup SEE Dce-2023 Circular

1-6 sem B.E. RV-PC Circular

1 to 4 sem MBA Summer Term-2023 Circular

2nd M.Tech. SE Exam Time Table

Swapping UG SE exam Circular

SEE Rescheduled Circular

2nd sem MBA SEE Time Table Oct-2023

Graduation Day Registration Link 2023

2nd sem M.Tech Exam Circular

2nd sem MBA Exam Circular

4th sem MBA SEE Sept-2023 Time Table

Examination 2023 Circular

2-4-sem PG Exam Fee circular

7-8 sem B.E. Summer Term SEE TIME TABLE

2-4-6th sem B.E. Exam Fee Circular

VII and VIII Sem B.E. Summer Term

8th Sem B3 SEE June-July 2022-2023

3rd sem MBA Makeup SEE Time-Table for July-2023

1st and 3rd sem B.E. Makeup SEE Time-Table

Submission of Application forms for Revaluation (RV) & Photocopy (PC) of IIISem BE SE Examinations held during January/ February-2023.

I Semester MBA & M. Tech SE Examinations (Offline Mode) June - 2023

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Value Added Courses

An Additional Step to Excellence!!

Being one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore, Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology aspires to provide wings to the students to fly towards their dreams. Thus, a Higher Education Cell is established to guide students in their pursuits with additional Value-Added Courses. These VACs strengthen the known base and inculcate the essential skills while bestowing the students with information and glimpse into the path chosen.  



See What Our Students Say

NCET a part of NGI established with the aim of providing international standards in education and training and hence to provide graduates and post graduates with knowledge and skills in the emerging fields of Engineering & Technology.

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School Eduma

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For 23 years of existence, Ed Foundation has implemented more than 1.700 activities, the total value about 10 milion euros.

We are home to 1,500 students (aged 12 to 16) and 100 expert faculty and staff a community representing over 40 different nations. We are proud of our international and multi-cultural ethos,and the way our community.

Our Goals

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  • Monday 8:00 – 8:40
  • Thursday, Friday 8:45 – 9:30
  • Saturday 9:35 – 10:20
  • Holidays 10:40 – 11:20
  • Holidays 10:40 – 11:20


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Course Collection

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This is one of a number of recent books from authors who had a front row seat at the birth of the digital economy. In this case the journey unfolds through the proxy of Four—Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.
_Gary Moreau, Associate Marketing
The prose is quick and witty. Some of the witty is admittedly built on more than a whiff of cynicism: “At its core, Apple fills two instinctual needs: to feel closer to God and be more attractive to the opposite sex.”
_Lauren Lara, Associate Marketing
And the book is chock full of interesting trivia: “The cocktail of low-cost product and premium prices has landed Apple with a cash pile greater than the GDP of Denmark, the Russian stock market, and the market cap of Boeing, Airbus, and Nike combined.”
_John Doe, Associate Marketing
This book is entertainingly written, but it comes off much more as a rant about how bad these companies are than a straightforward look at how they operate. If it were a newspaper article, this would go in the opinion section, not the business section.
_Sean Harding, Associate Marketing

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There’s always something amazing happening at Michigan. Whether it’s on campus or around the wold, our students, staff and alumni are out seizing the day as shown in the slideshow below. Happy school.

Admissions Open For 2024-2025