The Department of Social Science emphasizes English and its importance to the current day scenario in the vicinity of Engineering and Management. The aim and objectives of the department is to make the student acquire English language up to International standards. The Mission of the Department is to enhance the quality of students language and make them confident and adaptable in meeting the needs of the corporate world and challenging global scenarios.  Activity-based learning and Real-life scenarios are considered important and utmost priority is given by the Faculty Members in teaching, learning, and training 

The Department gives precedence to language development activities and inculcates teaching and training   methodologies   to focus on international standards and pedagogy is planned with diverse modules for the students with different levels to raise their standards and language competencies. The training methodologies and curriculum are framed with an approach to meet the requirements of the corporate companies expectations and with the desired calibre to get admissions and pursue higher education abroad.

The pedagogy is planned in different stages

  1. Preliminary
  2. Intermediate

Level 1 – lower intermediate

Level 2 – intermediate

Level 3 – Higher intermediate

  1. Advanced


The curriculum for English is designed and delivered  in two phases. In Semester 1 and Semester 2

Semester 1 focus on Communicative English and Grammar for a better understanding to read, learn and practice the fundamental of language development

Semester 2 focuses on Professional Writing skills in English which emphasizes Reading and Writing skills along with Professional communication for employment

Language skills:

Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills are taught and trained as a part of classroom activity to become a better communicator in the language to meet any language skills.

In the language development pedagogy, activity-based learning is focused and training is given to all the students to make them achieve and improve in all the stages of learning activities.

The Department focuses on students individually and special care with concern are given to raising the qualities in improving through various stages of language competencies to make  student an effective communicator in the global language

What best is taught more than a language???

Communication Skills and Soft Skills

Apart from language learning activities, training and development is carried on by the department for the students to make them effective communicators in breaking all the barriers of communication and establishing a good rapport with the people.

This also enhances the quality of the student to be a good team player, understanding and dealing with problem-solving skills in a team or at work place. This also enhances  leadership skills and extrovert attitudes to make the students better team leads and organizers of the team.

Moreover, the philosophy of Ethics is being taught to stay humble in the hierarchy, sincere in responsibilities, empathetic to understand the situation, mindset, and psychology of the workplace and society.

Along with Ethics, Managerial Skills with Problem-Solving methodologies are being taught to handle the workplace scenario and differences of opinion among the team members.

With all this, the department produces a better candidate for the corporate world to be humane, compassionate, dedicative, honest and confident to stand alone in the crowd of candidates.

The department focuses on and trains candidates not only for the corporate world but also with the competency and calibre to become an entrepreneur by acquiring training in all the above skills.

The Department of Social Science and Foreign Languages is indebted to developing the desired skills for the student community and building the attitude of challenging spirit to reflect as better communicator with Teamwork -spirit, Teamwork- involvement, Leadership Skills, Managerial Skills, a person with humanity, compassion, ethics, empathy and sympathy to understand the team and motivate and mingle with them in any situations

HoD's Message

Prof B.Ramesh

Head of the Department

The Department of Social Science & Foreign Languages is one of the exuberant departments pledged  towards the holistic growth of NCET students with its perseverance on compensable close attention to the students Communication Skills, Intellectuality, Mental& Emotional well-being. The central focal point is to develop NCET students with English Communication and Language skills. The department provides  platform for students to excel in the arena of communication Skills.

Language Lab is dedicated to Communication Skills and plays a major role in uplifting the student’s ability to communicate. We emphasise on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with traditional teaching methodologies with the help of technology.

The recent multimedia collaborative language labs aid teachers in using a more advanced teaching style and pedagogy

The Laboratory is utilized by students for numerous Self-enhancement and Soft Skill development activities. Language Laboratory is dedicated to those students in poor language competencies and Communication skills from rural backgrounds and feeble in English communication. It aims at building confidence among students.

Language Lab is equipped with 50 Dell i3 Process system with 8GN ram, 1TB Hard drive with WIFI Connectivity & Logitech Headsets.

Language Software: Orell Talk life perpetual license with 500 login ID.

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Name of the Staff



B Ramesh

HOD & Associate Professor


Ramesh Kumar W

Assistant Professor


Anuradha T V

Assistant Professor

Prof. B.Ramesh

BA-English Hons, MBA IT, Ph. D in Mind Maps

Professor & Head


Prof. Ramesh Kumar .W

B.A. English Literature
M.A. English Literature
M.Phil in English Language Teaching



Ms. Anuradha TV

M A in English

MBA In Human Resource Management[ HRM]

B.Ed – English & History