Department Of Chemistry

HoD's Message

Dr Manjunath K

Head of the Department

The department of Chemistry was started in the year 2001. It aims at irradiating the young generation students as expert by building, establishing and improving morally principles among student community. The strength of the department is its faculty members, who are well qualified, well experienced and dedicated. The department has spacious classrooms and well equipped laboratories with highest configured systems and latest versions of software. The students of the department excel in their studies and consistently produce good results.  Thus, the department not only imparts quality education, but also moulds the students which help them in their overall development.


Excellence in education through continual improvement in teaching, research and to outreach exceeding traditional standards and metrics.


To provide high quality education in chemistry, this meets the need of academia and industry.

  • Chemistry is an interdisciplinary science and is very important for many other disciplines. It offers a lot of scope to the graduates in the various fields. Chemistry plays an important role in development of the society and environmental safety through various jobs in public and private sector organizations.
  • One can find ample career openings with government owned pharmaceutical companies or with other public sector undertaking chemical factories.
  • Chemistry is too universal and dynamically changing a subject to be confined to a fixed definition; it might be better to think of chemistry more as a point of view that places its major focus on the structure and properties of substances.
  • The real importance of Chemistry is that it serves as the interface to practically all of the other sciences, as well as to many other areas of human endeavor. For this reason, Chemistry is often said to be the “central science”.

                   Courses Offered by Department

  • Engineering Chemistry- Engineering Chemistry is regarded as one of the most important foundation subjects of Engineering. Engineering Chemistry is an imperative part of every degree program in Engineering. It is generally added in the first-year syllabus of a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is structured in a manner that its different theoretical concepts are studied along with their practical applications. This specialised branch of Engineering mainly deals with the study of matter in any form along with its chemical and physical properties, composition and applications. It analyses the nature of different materials and their usage for designing purposes. As a budding engineer, you should be aware of the discovery of new and better materials and their contribution to the diverse field of design and development. Studying this specialised field, you will get to learn about using different materials of varying sizes without causing any wastage or pollution. Moreover, every engineer is expected to possess a basic understanding of working with old and new matter of different kinds and that’s where Engineering Chemistry helps them in handling a wide range of materials in the right way.
  • Engineering Lab- The main objective of Engineering Chemistry Laboratory is to furnish the conceptual understanding of the basic principles involved in chemical analysis. Most of the experiments are correlated to the theoretical concepts. This course lays the foundation of certain basic concepts and skills that can be repeatedly employed by the students in their future endeavours. This course also helps to improve the scientific temper of the students to conduct the various experiments.

The department has well equipped laboratory and highest configured systems and latest versions of software to conduct virtual lab experiments.