SL.NO. Inventor/s Name Title of the Patent Patent Published Date / Granted Date Patent Application No./Grant Number Status of Patent (Published / Granted)
1. Dr Shilpashree S System for management of Ventilators for COVID patients in hospital using Block Chain 06-11-2021 202141021200 Published
2. Swathi S System and Method for monitoring liquid level in a storage tank 26/06/2020 202041024175 Published
3. Subramanya SG IoT and AI based Intelligent Rover to Discover Habitable-Zones on Planets 12-10-2021 202141053443 Published
4. Subramanya SG Utpatti - Farmers Online Market App 13/08/2021 202141034018 Published
5. Dr. Anitha Patil Cloud Parking Management System and vehicle antitheft method 02-08-2019 201921000271 Published
6. Dr. Anitha Patil IOT - Traffic system : IOT based Intelligent Traffic, transport Management System 15/02/2019 201941004416 Published
7. Dr. Anitha Patil System for management of Ventilators for COVID patients in hospital using Block Chain 30/11/2018 201821042817 Published
8. Dr. Anitha Patil ARSV- System: Auto ring my phone if switch off, and vibration mode system 30/11/2018 201821042802 Published
9. Dr. Anitha Patil Device for Monitoring Consumption of Electricity 06-05-2020 202041021352 Published
10. Dr. Anitha Patil Technology driven - real time Air Pollution Monitoring 01-03-2020 201941052812 Published
11. Dr. Anitha Patil Neuro-Fuzzy Logic based System for Distributed Data Classification 06-11-2021 202141021200 Published
12. Dr. Anitha Patil System and Method to secure Monetory Transactions using Blockchain Technology 27/09/2019 201941037243 Published
13. Dr. Anitha Patil Blockchain Based System for Biomedical Documents towards Data Integrity, Non-repudiation and Digital Forensics 25/09/2020 202041040619 Published
14. Mr. Vivek Sharma S Populated place monitoring and medical alert using Wireless Service Network and Analyse and Respond using Cloud Computing 01-01-2021 202041056170 Published
15. Dr. Anitha Patil Automated Real Time Track Integrity Verification System and Method Employed Thereof 25/11/2019 201841019743 Published
16. Dr Dinesh H A Integration with Student Lifecycle Management with SAP ( SLcM) 06-11-2021 202141022954 Published
17. Dr Dinesh H A A Novel System for Controlling Employees Attrition Rate 06-11-2021 202141023567 Published
18. Dr. Jitendranath Mungara Advance Face Mask for Covid-19 Protection Using Artificial Intelligence with Integrated Quality and Proximity Detection 06-11-2021 202141024950 Published
19. Dr. Jitendranath Mungara Novel System, Method and Design of Iot Based Real Time-Remote Healthcare Monitoring System 18/10/2019 201841013794 Published
20. Dr. Jitendranath Mungara Novel System, Method and Design Of Emergency Rescue System With Iot And Wireless Sensors 18/10/2019 202141021200 Published
21. Dr. Jitendranath Mungara Novel System, Method and Design Of Smart Helmet For Air Quality And Hazardous Event Detection Using Smart Band System 18/10/2019 201841013789 Published
22. Dr. Jitendranath Mungara Model For Detecting Sensitive Data Leakage In Private To Public Network Systems 24/05/2019 201741041989 Published
23. Dr, Shantakumar B Patil
Dr. Premjyothi Patil,
Prof. Mahesh B Patil
An apparatus and method for crossing between one side of railway platform and another side of railway platform 30.08.2019 201841007653 Published
24. Dr. Premjyothi Patil,
Dr. Shantakumar B Patil,
Prof. Yogesh H C,
Prof. Taranath A L,
Prof. Mahesh B Patil
A Machine Learning Modekl for Detecting Respiratory Problems using Voice Recognition 16.10.2020 201921014636 Published
25. Dr. H. Venkatesh Kumar
Dr.Nagesh K N
Attribute Based Discovery Architecture for Devices in Internet of Things (IoT) 26.06.2020 202021012029 Published
26. Shivakumara T
Rajshekar M Patil ,
Dr. Shantakumar Patil,
Premjyothi Patil,
Nagashree N
Prevent the Sensitive Data Leakage in Rest 18.09.2020 202021038154 Published
27. Bhargava R.,
Pramoda R
Dr.Premjyoti G Patil,
Dr. Shantakumar B Patil
Decision Rule Based Supervised Machine Learning for Power Quality Applicatio 21.02.2020 202021003176 Published
28. Dr H S Rajanna,
Dr C M Patil,
Dr Geethashree A
Nagaraj B N
Dr Arun Kumar G
Dr Spoorthi J Jainar,
Dr.Basavaraj G M
Dr Rajashekar B
Dr Somashekar K
Sharanabasaveswara H B,
Dr G M Basavaraj,
Dr T C Manjunath,
Vikas C Yatnalli
Dr Somashekar K
Dr Rajashekar B Somasagar,
Dr Spoorthi J Jainar,
Dr Arun Kumar,
Dr Nagaraja B G
Gaze controlled electronic iron Box 30.10.2020 202041046240 Published
29. Dr.Nagesh K N
Chethana Gosal S
Dr. Premjyoti G.Patil
Consumption and Simulation of Digital Modems 27.11.2020 202021049607 Published
30. Dr.Nagesh K N
Dr.Premjyoti G patil,
Dr. Rohith S
Mr.Nandakishore C
V, Srinivasulu K N
Philosophising of multifunction syllogistic unit using folding tree with clock gating 09.04.2021 202121011465 Published
31. Dr. Nancy Arya
Dr. R. Jayam,
Dr. Raju Pal,
Dr. R.K Bathla,
Roop Singh
Dr. Nagamadhu M
Dr. Algubelly Yashwanth Reddy,
Dr. Ajay Kumar Dwivedi,
Dr. Ashish Manohar Urkude
Dr.B.Latha Lavanya,
Dr. Muthukumar Subramanian,
Dr. Manjunatha Babu N S
IOT-Based Smart Health Assessment Mirror for Healthy Life 01.10.2021 202111041467 Published
32. Tyagarajan Drairaj,
K Sreelatha,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Varun Perinba Raja Chinnaraja,
L Raghavendra,
Manohar B S,
G K Ayyadurai,
Muthu Sorakumar Krishnan,
P Sarala,
Karthik Anand Balasubramanian, Sathiyavel C
Thermal Effect Powered Electric Motor to Minimize the Power Consumption in the Electric Vehicle 06-11-2021 202141021200 Granted
33. D Kavitha G,
Ahmed Zeeshan,
Nidhi Sinha,
R Sundararaju,
Dr. Yashwanth N,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Chiranth R,
Aavind B N
Yogeswary B H,
Sanjit Ponnuswamy Krishmajegan
Decentralized Data Storage and Processing Method for Automatic Wireless Network Authentication in an IOT System 07.07.2021 2021103108 Granted
34. Dr. Nagesh K N,
Kasipandian R,
Nnjuri Srivani,
S K Jyothi,
M Sunitha,
T V Srinivasa,
S D Mallanna
Cloud Key Saas Autonomous AIOT Control System and Method Thereof 23.08.2021 2021106451 Granted
35. Katiyar,
Sapna Gupta,
Sugandh Kaikini,
Ravindra R
Yousef Mahmoud Abdulaziz Elsayed
Anand Kumar,
Varun Jain
Aruna Shankar,
Vishnu Sheeja,
S. Angelin
Sheikh Irfan Ahmad
Rakhi Singhal,
Abhinav Yadav
K. N Nagesh
and Subramanian,
“Intelligent System & Method for Radio Link Monitoring & Controlling in A Wireless Communication System Using IOT Technology” 10.11.2021 2021106500 Granted
36. Dr Ajay Kumar Dwivedi,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Mrs M G Manasa,
Mrs. Zaiba,
Jyothi J
H Venkatsh Kumar
Dr Jitendranath Mungara
Mrs Deepthin Prakash
T Y Sateesha,
Dr Vivek Singh
A Circularly Polarizd Two Port MMO Cylindrical Dielectric Resonance Antenna Device For 5G Applications 15.10.2021 2021093017400900DE Granted
37. Dr. Asha Novel System, Method and Approach of Texture Defect Detection Using Human Vision Perception Based Contrast 04-02-2022 202141000149 A Published
38. SoumyadipSaha,
Varun Chebbi,
Kulshrestha Utkarsh Alok
Novel System, Method and Design of Solar Panel with Maximum Output Using Digital Watch and Arduino Board 202041056552 E-2/3828/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 31-12-2021 202041056552 Published
39. Narasimha Ramachandra Vadari 202041056553 E-2/3829/2020-CHE Novel System, Method, Idea and Design of Perfect Scavenging Valve Timing (PSVT) Dt. 28/12/2020 31-12-2021 202041056553 Published
40. Dhivya et al 202041056554 E-2/3830/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel Navigational Traffic Management System Using Smart Lane Dividers 31-12-2021 202041056554 Published
41. Gurulakshmi et al 202041056555 E-2/3831/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Design and Analysis of Novel High Frequency Multiconductor Transmission Lines (HF-MTL) 31-12-2021 202041056555 Published
42. Monika et al 202041056556 E-2/3832/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease in Plant Leaf Using Image Processing & Machine Learning 31-12-2021 202041056556 Published
43. Anandhi et al 202041056557 E-2/3833/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020Novel System, Method and Design of Bluetooth Embedded Robotic Assistance for Agriculture Plowing 31-12-2021 202041056557 Published
44. Anandhi et al 202041056558 E-2/3834/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel System, Method and Design of Chatbot for Monitoring Mental Health 31-12-2021 202041056558 Published
45. Aravinda K et al 202041056562 E-2/3837/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020Novel Method of Mathematical Expression for the Output Frequency of the Single-Ended Ring Oscillator 31-12-2021 202041056562 Published
46. Guna Priya et al 202041056563 E-2/3838/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Battery Monitoring & Management System for Electric Vehicle 31-12-2021 202041056563 Published
47. Monika et al 202041056564 E-2/3839/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel Method Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease in Plant Leaf Using Image Processing and Machine Learning 31-12-2021 202041056564 Published
48. Lipsa 202041056565 E-2/3840/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel Method for Improving Performance in Patient Monitoring Systems by Channel Estimation and Equal 31-12-2021 202041056565 Published
49. Raghu et al 202041056566 E-2/3841/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel Method Calix[4]Arene Anchored WS2 As A Versatile Nanocatalyst For Alkyne-Azide Cycloaddition 31-12-2021 202041056566 Published
50. J. Kavitha 202041056567 E-2/3842/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel Method of an Efficient DNA Computing Model for Harmonious Coloring Problem 31-12-2021 202041056567 Published
51. Suma T 202041056568 E-2/3843/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel Method and System of Multi-Task Oriented Service Composition and Optimization Problem of Customer, Order Scheduling Problem Using Fuzzy Min-Max Algorithm 31-12-2021 202041056568 Published
52. RijanKafle 202041056569 E-2/3844/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Novel System, Method and Design of Wearable Sanitizer Dispenser with Flexible 360 Degree Rotatingand Attachable Wristwatch Strap Locker 31-12-2021 202041056569 Published
53. Nisha K C R,
Surya Prabha J
202041056570 E-2/3845/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 Neutral Point Clamped CH5 (NPC-CH5) Inverter Circuit for Transformer-Less PV Grid Connected Applications 31-12-2021 202041056570 Published
54. Singaravelan et al 202041056571 E-2/3846/2020-CHE Dt. 28/12/2020 A Collaborative Robot to Serve Patients and to Collect Infectious Wastage at the Isolation Ward 31-12-2021 202041056571 Published
55. Ganesh Prasad et al 202141000140 Dt04/01/2021 E-2/15/2021-CHE Novel System, Method and Development of Automatic Speed Breaker Warning System 31-12-2021 202141000140 Published
56. Rajalakshmi et al 202141000141 E-2/16/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Novel System, Method of IOT Based Critical Aware Traffic Controller for Ambulance Service Using Machine Learning 31-12-2021 202141000141 Published
57. Rajalakshmi et al 202141000142 E-2/17/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Novel System, Method of Smart Surveillance System for Theft Detection and Alert Generation Using IOT 31-12-2021 202141000142 Published
58. Vinoth K et al 202141000144 E-2/19/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Monitoring of Fault Diagnosis in Asynchronous Motor Using Transform Analysis 31-12-2021 202141000144 Published
59. Vinoth K et al 202141000145 E-2/20/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Monitoring of Artificial Neural Network Based Fault Identification in a Three Phase Induction Motor Using aTmega-32(A) 31-12-2021 202141000145 Published
60. Vinoth Kumar Mahesh 202141000146 E-2/21/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Security Aspects of Asynchronous Motor Using Mobile Communication Analysis 31-12-2021 202141000146 Published
61. Rajesh et al 202141000147 E-2/22/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Novel System and Method of Hybrid Filtering Model for Speckle Removal in SAR Images 31-12-2021 202141000147 Published
62. Mohan Kumar N et al 202141000148 E-2/23/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021 Novel System and Method of Automated Attendance System 31-12-2021 202141000148 Published
63. Asha 202141000149 E-2/24/2021-CHE Dt 04/01/2021Novel System, Method and Approach of Texture Defect Detection Using Human Vision Perception Based Contrast 04-02-2022 202141000149 Published
64. Mounesh Nagalingappa
Narasimha Ramachandra Vadar
E-2/1973/2021-CHE 202141027645 Dt.21/06/2021 Novel System of Method of Flex and Rigidity Control in an I-Section Beamed Swing-Arm 31-12-2021 202141027645 Published
65. Mounesh Nagalingappa Rampur,
Narasimha Ramachandra Vadar
Novel System and Method of Swing-Arm Using Metal or Metallic Alloy Consisting of an I-Section BeamE-2/1974/2021-CHE 202141027646 Dt. 21/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141027646 Published
66. Rakesh C,
Reha Naomi
E-2/1978/2021-CHE 202141027650 Dt. 21/06/2021 Novel System and method of Computational Analysis on Solar Updraft Tower 31-12-2021 202141027650 Published
67. Vinoth Kumar et al E-2/1982/2021-CHE 202141027654 Dt. 21/06/2021 Real Time Monitoring of Bearing Faults in Wind Turbine 31-12-2021 202141021200 Published
68. Niranjan et al Novel System and Method of Hybrid Light Weight Large Size Concrete Block Embedded With Air-Filled Plastic Bottles E-2/2083/2021-CHE 202141029336 Dt .30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141029336 Published
69. Niranjan et al E-2/2084/2021-CHE 202141029337 Dt. 30/06/2021 System and Method of Fabricating Multipurpose Modular Hybrid Partition Panels 31-12-2021 202141029337 Published
70. Vinoth Kumar et al /td> Testing Method of Asynchronous Motor Using Multi-resolution Analysis, E-2/2087/2021-CHE 202141029340 Dt. 30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141021200 Published
71. Singaravelan et al Home Energy Management Device for Demand Response Program to Reduce Consumption Cost and Peak DemandE-2/2088/2021-CHE 202141029341 Dt. 30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141029341 Published
72. Nagabhushana Novel System, Design and Method of Water Body Cleaning Machine Utilizing Solar Energy E-2/2089/2021-CHE 202141029342 Dt. 30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141029342 Published
73. Nagendra et al System and Method for Die design of Polypropylene Container Bottle having Multiple Openings Through Blow Moulding ProcessE-2/2090/2021-CHE 202141029343 Dt. 30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141029343 Published
74. Srinath et al Novel System, Method, Design and Fabrication of Coin Operated Water Dispensing System E-2/2091/2021-CHE 202141029344 Dt. 30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141029344 Published
75. Meenakshi S et al Novel System, Method and approach of IOT Sensor Based Birth Control Registration System, E-2/2092/2021-CHE 202141029345 Dt. 30/06/2021 31-12-2021 202141029345 Published
76. Mounesh N. Rampur
Sadiq H. Sipayi
Novel System and Method of Variable Handle Length Ergonomics for Motorcycle E-2/2289/2021-CHE 202141031835 dt 15/07/2021 31-12-2021 202141031835 Published
77. Mounesh N. Rampur Novel Mask Seat with Novel Whiplash and Collision Protection System and Ergonomics E-2/2290/2021-CHE 202141031836 dt. 15/07/2021 31-12-2021 202141031836 Published
78. Rajalakshmi Novel System, Method of Hybrid Recommendation System with AI based Chatbot for Personal, Emotional and Medical Assistance using Machine Learning and NLP E-2/2293/2021- CHE 202141031839 dt. 15/07/2021 31-12-2021 202141031839 Published
79. Rajalakshmi Novel System, Method of Real-time Driver Drowsiness Detection for Smart Vehicle using Machine Learning E-2/2292/2021-CHE 202141031838 dt. 15/07/2021 31-12-2021 202141021200 Published
80. Sanjeev S Fault Tolerant Algorithm (FTA) for FPGAs by shifting the configuration data to enhance the performance and reliability E-2/2296/2021-CHE 202141031842 dt. 15/07/2021 31-12-2021 202141031842 Published
81. Gurulakshmi Smart Elevator System controlled by Hand Gesture and Voice input as a post pandemic safety initiativeE-2/2297/2021-CHE 202141031843 dt. 15/07/2021 31-12-2021 202141031843 Published
82. Dr. Anil Kannur,
Arun Kumar S,
Dr. Syed Naimatullah Hussain,
Muthuraju V,
Sandhya L,
Sindhu D.V.
An Internet of Things Based Covid Spread Prevention System and Its Method Thereof 10.11.2021 2021105264 Granted
83. Dr. Rohith S,
Dr. Gopalakrishnan,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Dr. Basavaraj G M,
Prof. Mahesh M R
Novel System Method, Design, Development of Monitoring and Alerting System for Immobilized Patients 04.2.2022 202241003873A Published
84. Prof. Naghma Anjum,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Dr. Rohith S,
Prof. Rani B A,
Prof. Srinivasulu K N
Novel System, Method and Study on Synthesis, Characteristics and Fabrication of MoS2 Nano Structures and its Sensor Activity 06.05.2022 202241024412 Published
85. Prof. Rani B A,
Dr. Rohith S,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Prof. Naghma Anjum,
Prof. Srinivasulu K N
"Novel System, Method and Design of Two-way video Monitoring Systems Using Android and Java Media Frame work” 06.05.2022 202241024413 Published
86. Prof. Sunitha M,
Dr. Rohith S,
Dr. Nagesh K N,
Dr. Basavaraj G M,
Prof. Rashmi G P,
Prof. Kasetty Ram Babu
“Novel System, Method, Design and Development of Braille System for Visually Challenged People” 06.05.2022 202241024408 Published
87. Chaitra D M,
Milind Nataraj
Novel System, Method and Determination of Economic Base Width of Transmission Tower for Different Wind Zones 06.05.2022 202241024404 Published
88. Chaitra D M
Geetha M
Novel System and Method for Seismic Analysis and Retrofitting of an Existing Structure 06.05.2022 202241024406 Published
89. Gayathri Devi R,
Chaitra D M,
Dr Pinky Devi L
Novel System, Analysis and Design of Elevated Water Tank for Different Seismic Zones 06.05.2022 202241024405 Published
90. Dr. Sundeep Kumar,
K, Subhakar M,
Dr Sindhu D V,
Likhith S R
Novel System and Method of Age Detection based on Facial Image using Fusion Extreme Learning Machine Classifier 06.05.2022 202241024411 Published
91. Dr. Anil Kannur,
Muthuraju V,
Shruti Jalapur,
Jeevan Pradeep
Novel System and Method of Automated Medical Waste Segregation System Using Machine Learning 06.05.2022 202241024410 Published
92. Dr. Syed Naimatullah,
Sumitha B S,
Sandhya L,
Novel System and Method of Automated Irrigation System Using Arduino UNO 06.05.2022 202241024409 Published