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Technical Talk On Aero Modelling

Date: - 20th February, 2018
Time: - 12:00 noon to 02:30pm
Venue: - Room No 204, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NCET
Topic: - Aero Modeling
Participants: - Mechanical Students (65)

This Technical Talk was organized for 3rd year mechanical students of NCET. Mr. Leo peter charge, Co-Founder of Happy landing India, given brief introduction about the aero models, working Principle and its various applications in present trends, he also delivered concepts to build the simple aero model (RC Plane and drones), selection of materials, range and speed etc.

This One day Workshop was coordinated by Mr. Prabhakar C G, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department under the guidance of Dr. N Kapilan, (HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering).

Outcomes of the Technical talk:
1. Students were able to get an overview of aero modeling.
2. Students gain the knowledge about the materials and consideration for building simple RC planes.
3. Students were able to understand process steps to build up a model.
4. Students analyze the applications of RC planes and Drones in present trends.
5. The practical knowledge was greatly enhanced through demonstration.