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This subject focuses on the fundamentals of engineering graphics and technology. Since drawing is the language of communication for engineers and has applications in all branches of engineering, students of all branches have to undergo this course. In order to expose students to current industrial practices, students are trained on CAD software Solid Edge V19 to practice 2D drafting. The lab is well equipped with 60 high-end computer systems for the students to practice and LCD projector facilities for the delivery of lectures.


Design drawings allow viewers to visualize a machine or its components before it is manufactured. In the current industrial trend CAD modeling is an imperative skill expected from all Mechanical engineers. Students practice the development of 3D drawings of machine components and perform virtual assembly using industry leading mechanical design software Solid Edge V19. Solid Edge modeling and assembly tools enable students to easily develop a full range of products, from single parts to assemblies containing thousands of components with accurate fit and modify them within the assembly model. The lab is equipped with 60 numbers of high end computer systems.

CIM Lab:

CIM and Automation Laboratory, provides a high quality laboratory experience to students about manufacturing automation, advanced material processing, computer assisted and computer controlled manufacturing. The lab is equipped with high end computers and CADEM (FANUC) software viz. The laboratory has latest CNC machines, XL TURN CNC Lathe Machine and XL MILL CNC Milling Machine to impart hands on training to students in the area of computer assisted and computer controlled manufacturing.

EC Lab:

Energy conversion deals with the study of internal combustion engines and their performance. The purpose of this lab is to develop an understanding of basic internal combustion engine and its performance. The other interests of this lab are to determine the speed, load, and fuel flow rate producing the maximum brake thermal efficiency. The experiments related to the following topics are conducted in the lab: calorific value determination, finding viscosity of fluids, study of valve timing diagrams, petrol engines, diesel engines, performance and efficiency test on IC engines.

FM Lab:

Fluid Mechanics laboratory mainly deals with the study related with flow of fluids in various environments. The behavior of fluids at various levels are studied and experimented in this laboratory.

The lab is equipped with:

  • Francis turbine test rig
  • Kaplan turbine test rig
  • Pelton wheel test rig
  • Impact of the jet on vane test rig
  • Friction in pipes test rig
  • Single stage centrifugal pump test rig
  • Multi stage centrifugal pump test rig
  • V-notch
  • Venturimeter
  • Orificemeter

HMT Lab:

The lab deals with the flow of heat through various mediums. The students can gather knowledge about various heat and mass transfer taking place in various conditions.

The lab is equipped with:

  • Forced convection apparatus
  • Pin fin apparatus
  • Free or Natural convection apparatus
  • Parallel flow & amp; Counter flow heat exchangers
  • Thermal conductivity apparatus
  • Stefan Boltzmann apparatus
  • Emissivity apparatus
  • Vapor compression refrigeration apparatus
  • Air conditioning apparatus

Machine shop:

The Machine shop is the heart and soul of mechanical engineering branch. It deals with the various machining operations such as turning, milling, shaping, thread cutting, drilling etc. The machine shop in our institution possesses latest equipments in this field. The shop has 12 light duty lathes, 2 shaping machines, milling machine, one drilling machine, one light duty tool grinder, one heavy duty grinder machine.

MEF shop:

The basic workshop practice helps students to understand the basic skills required for fitting and welding. Since all engineers must not only know how to design products but also have a basic knowledge of how to make them, first year students of all engineering branches are made to undergo workshop practice. Students use various measuring instruments and tools to perform Sheet metal and welding exercises. The lab also has drilling and grinding machines along with carpentry and sheet metal tools to help students better understand workshop practice.

MMP shop:

An engineer must possess adequate knowledge of measurement techniques. Metrology and measurements constitute an important element in all laboratories for conducting experiments and for all types of control processes in the industrial activities. This lab provides the students an active learning environment for the measurement technologies used in production engineering field. Students use the laboratory to collect and analyze measurement data, evaluate measurement methodologies, and learn the capabilities and limitations of measurement technologies. The lab includes LVDT, Load Cell, Pressure transducer, Micrometer, Thermocouple, Slip gauges, Sine bar, Sine center, Bevel protractor, Profile projector, Lathe and Drill tool dynamometer and other equipments required for calibration and measurements.

MT Lab:

Engineers in general and Mechanical engineers in particular should have knowledge of properties of engineering materials and their applications. Different materials have different physical, chemical and mechanical properties and suitability. Testing the material for its mechanical strength forms an integral part of manufacturing. In this lab the students are exposed to the procedure of testing of engineering materials with help of Universal testing machine, various hardness testing machines (Rockwell, Brinell), Wear, Impact testing machines along with optical microscope required for metallographic examination of materials.

Research & Development Laboratory:

This Laboratory offers the students, the opportunity to work hands-on using faculties/ equipment’s/Technical help to carry out their projects right from first to eight semesters. The lab is equipped with fabrication as well as computational faculties, to support the students in their endeavor. This lab includes the following apparatus: Biodiesel plant, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Test rigs, Adsorption cooling system, fuel testing instruments, Hydrocarbon Refrigeration Test Rig, Reheating and Subcooling Refrigeration Test Rig.

Robotics Laboratory:

The Robotics Laboratory is designed to provide higher level students hands-on experience with modern manufacturing equipment and methods. The laboratory includes industrial robots, 5 Axis Pick and Place Robot and a manufacturing cell consisting of several cutting machines, conveyer belts, a vision system, a rapid prototyping machine, and a coordinate-measuring machine. The laboratory introduces students to programming languages for robots, and automated manufacturing systems by using Robotics Simulation Software RT ToolBox2 (Mitsubishi Made).