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Patent details

Dr. K Kumar

Designation: Professor & Dean Academic

Qualification: BE, Ph.D

Patents awarded:

  1. An improved coating composition for corrosion protection of reinforcing and prestressing steel – 259/DEL/1992 dt. 25-03-’92. IN185520
  2. An improved formulation for increasing the corrosion resistance of cement grout – 311/DEL/1992 dt. 08-04-’92.IN185099
  3. An improved formulation for rapid setting primer for corrosion protection of reinforcing and prestressing steels – 481/DEL/1993 dt. 13-05-’93. IN186255
  4. A composition of inhibitors for corrosion protection of steel reinforcement bars placed in the well steining positioned in sea water – 414/DEL/2002.
  5. A process for the preparation of chemical resistant fly-ash polymer composite material – 404/DEL/2001 patent No.IN242253
  6. An embeddable reference electrode for use in concrete structures - 681/DEL/1996 patent No.IN194360
  7. A chemical resistant geopolymer fly ash bricks and process thereof useful for construction industry - 2137/DEL/2004 patent No.IN247430.

Patents filed

  1. An improved reference electrode useful for measuring open circuit potential (OCP) of steel in concrete infrastructure:1968/CHE/2015.
  2. An improved formulation for hydrophobic agent based on carbon nano composite useful as an additive to protective coatings. 1969/CHE/2015 dated 16-04-2015
  3. An improved power generation unit useful for residential requirement suitable to install in septic tank.(CBR No.31496, Application No.201641039587 dt 21.11.2016)