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Department of Physics

The main objectives of the Physics department are:

  • Educate students in the fundamental subject of Physics andpreparing them for a career in engineering at a professional level of study.
  • To give our students the ability to apply scientific and engineering principles to identify, formulate and solve problems in analysis and design. In this pursuit, our students need to understand the basics of modern engineering tools and the role of experimentation and how to apply these methods appropriately.
  • To provide adequate education in physics to have a basis for complete understanding of current and future scientific and technological developments.

Research and development in various fields of physics can be considered as a key factor for the intense development in the field of technology in the present world.

The department of physics intends to bestow knowledge to engineering students on various fruitful aspects of basic science. Physics forms a platform for the engineering students in understanding different subjects in various streams of engineering and technology.

The department plays a vital role in the overall development of the students. The faculty members of the department attend various seminars and workshops pertaining to the subject and bestow the same information to the students to keep them in touch with the latest developments in the field of science and technology. The Department of Physics has been recognized as research centre by VTU.

Courses offered by the department:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Physics Lab

The department has a great sense of accomplishment for having a very spacious and well-equipped laboratory with a highly experienced and dedicated laboratory assistant.

Engineering Physics Laboratory