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What is Autonomous?

Overview of Autonomous Structure

Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology (NCET) is an autonomous institution under Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Belagavi. Autonomy is granted by UGC to selected institutions of high standards with financial stability to develop practical-oriented curriculum, evaluation practices, and grading systems based on the current industry needs.

Benefits of Autonomous Status:

  • Employment-centric Syllabus – Course content, modules, and syllabi are comprehensively customized based on the industry needs & requirements.
  • Latest Technologies - Students are taught the latest and relevant technologies to make them highly competent.
  • Highly Experienced Academicians & industry leaders are consulted in framing the content & syllabi.
  • MOUs & Collaborations - Institution is granted the flexibility to have plenty of MoUs with reputed companies and universities, which enables students to acquire the latest technical knowledge by pursuing industry-specific courses by subjects experts.
  • Choice-Based Credit System CBCS is a universally recognized grading system in which students’ performance is evaluated more consistently through grades and Grade Point Averages (GPA) - this provides an integrated & holistic metric to measure students’ potential & talent.
  • Choice-based Inter-disciplinary Electives - Students can choose the most relevant subjects/courses from professional electives or open electives from different departments.
  • Additional Certifications - Students will get ample time to pursue specialized certifications from IITs, IISc, companies like Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, National Instruments, and Autodesk through MOOCs - equal credits would be awarded for the same.
  • More Lab Experience - Students get practical experience as they work in multiple labs per semester and hands-on projects which help enhance their employability.
  • Flexible Exams - Equal weightage is accorded to both internal and final exams. Both the Internal and the final exams are conducted by the college. Immediately after the semester results are declared, a provision for Make-up Exams is made available to eligible students.
  • Summer Term Semester & Examination - This is a privilege accorded to slow-learners who have been unable to clear examinations in one or more subjects to help them save an academic year. .
  • Internships - Students get multiple opportunities to intern at MNC, R&D laboratories, during their vacation.
  • Final Degree - A student who graduates from NCET is conferred with a degree from Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, Karnataka.