About NCET Alumni Association

One of the assessments for the quality of an institution is the success of its alumni. Active alumni also mean that the institution is developing strong roots in society. It’s a platform where successful alumni from all walks of life meet each other and express openly their thanks and gratitude for the opportunities provided to them by the alma mater.

The seeds for the transformation are sown during the students’ stay at NCET. In carrying out job and civic responsibilities, alumni draw on what they learned in earning a college degree. They demonstrate for all to see what value their education has for them and they truly represent the institution in different walks of their life.

The NCET Alumni association can make a vital contribution by supporting the Institute in the accomplishment of its mission. They can contribute as goodwill ambassadors, student recruiters, and a pool of expertise in a broad range of fields which can be employed in Institute initiatives, both academic and administrative. The NCET Alumni Association is an excellent forum to keep in touch with your alma mater, learn how your institution is achieving its strategic intent, and above all reinforce the relationship you formed during your stay at college while forming new ones.

Objectives of the Alumni Association: