The Information Science and Technology department is one of the first departments of Nagarjuna College. The department deals with the analysis, manipulation, storage, retrieval of information. Fields such as computer science, management, law are covered by the department of ISE. There are currently 60 seats available. The department has an affiliation with VTU and is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an ‘A’ Grade.

The focus of the ISE department at Nagarjuna College is to impart a conceptual understanding of the core domain area in Computing. Special programs are conducted to motivate students to conduct innovative research in the field of Information Science & Engineering, know the needs of the technology industry as well.

The ISE department has proficient teachers who guide the students with the needed knowledge and experience. Along with this, the students at the ISE department are also provided with placements from the fifth semester onwards. This enables the students to get a hands-on learning experience in reputed companies like TCS, Wipro, ITC Infotech, Inzoom, HP, Infosys and many more.

HOD's Message

Dr Anil Kannur


I hearty welcome all the students and their parents to the Department of Information Science and Engineering. Information Science and Engineering is an essence of today’s world. We are committed to providing not only the technical education to our students but also the leadership qualities through which they can create employment to others.

We believe that our students have been well accepted in their job profiles and have consistently exceeded expectations of the corporate world.

During study at the department, the students are encouraged to get hands-on experience in the corporate world through internship projects with reputed organizations. In their curriculum they are encouraged to take up mini projects to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience. We provide an opportunity for students to work as members of a team to organize events such as IKYA( a cultural fest), participate in workshops ,technical and cultural fests organized by other colleges and also get involved in activities of social relevance.

The teaching module comprises lectures, tutorials and practical. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on application of innovative strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and interaction between teachers and students.

Our graduates are working in Multinational Companies, as an IAS officer, Academic Institutions in India and abroad. I congratulate to the team of faculty members and the students for their brilliant and their efforts. I wish all the Students and Faculty a great academic career. Last but not least our Technical supporting staff is unique in its own way. Students, as well as visitors, find them very friendly, amicable and highly intelligent!

PEOs, POs and PSOs

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Dr. Anil Kannur

Associate Professor & Head

Dr. Sandhya G


Dr. Syed Naimatullah Hussain

Associate Professor

Dr. Sindhu D V

Senior Assistant Professor

Mrs. Sumitha B S

Assistant Professor

Mr. K Jeevan Pradeep

Assistant Professor



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