Nagarjuna Pre-University College

Schooling is pivotal in designing the personality of every individual. XI & XII grades are extremely important as it is the right move in the right direction, this period decides the career and future of a student.

Adolescence by nature is a period of confusion, conflict and identity crisis. Hence, the best thing that can happen to a student in this stage is to be in a place where he /she perfectly fit in. Nagarjuna Pre-University, with conviction and confidence offers students from any part of the world, this safe haven.

A beautiful amalgamation of culture and tradition is our specialty. We are equipped to cater to the requirement of each student, with due respect to diverse language, religion and ethnic groups. The institution takes pride in the vibrant culture and heritage as education is the best means to emulate and establish universal brotherhood and thereby ever lasting peace.

With limited number of students in each class, so that individual attention and special care can be given to each student as per her /his requirements, we have proved that tremendous change and remarkable improvement in grades can be made possible at any stage of a student life. Our doors are open to anybody who has the desire to learn in a dignified way. Your hunger for knowledge will be satiated with a sumptuous feast prepared by efficient and effective hands.