Webinar on Millennial Gurus

How individuals can create progress in your growth irrespective of an unstable Market?

Topics covered:

  1. Introspection – an exercise to introspect and understand where one is in his life. Understanding the importance of life vision
  2. Who is a Millennial guru – what is the industry expectation of an Engineering educator. Key tips for Entrepreneurial mindset.

This webinar will throw light on how important it is for an employee to be posing Entrepreneurial skills, especially after covid19.

Bonus talk:

Also, A 15 mins talk on “healthy and fit Engineering educators”. How can we protect ourselves from Corona infection? Staying healthy is the key for long life.

  • 3 focus areas very important to have to continue as engineering educator
  • 10 minutes – Ice breaker session
  • 20 minutes – my story emphasizing importance of life vision
  • 30 minutes – Growth vs Goal mind set giving examples to keep growing at all times.
  • 30 minutes – Igen learners, Employee Vs Entrepreneur, Future of Engineering Education
  • 15 minutes – Healthy and fit engineering educator.